Engagement with Cambourne Community

  • Residents aged 6-11 years
  • During March 2016 the children of Cambourne used their imaginations to produce special postcards showing what they liked about Cambourne and what could make Cambourne even better. The postcard competition was well supported by the local primary schools, namely Jeavons Wood; Hardwick & Cambourne; Monkfield Park; and Vine together with home educated children where known.
  • A group of independent judges had the enjoyable but sometimes difficult task of choosing the winners in each school.  Book Tokens were presented to the winners along with ‘highly commended’ certificates to runners up.

Lots of interesting ideas came from this competition, including a zoo, a theatre, better road crossings, a sweet shop, a toy shop, more schools, an ice rink and a gingerbread trail, but the most popular request by a long way was for a swimming pool.

The winning postcards and others formed a small exhibition in Cambourne Library over the Easter holiday. The postcard ‘data’ has been used to inform the Parish Plan.

  • Residents aged 11-18 years
  • (included Cambourne Village College / Comberton Village College students; sixth form students; plus home educated students and young people not in full time education)

The Young People Survey About Cambourne Questionnaire went live online for completion on Monday, 28 March 2016 and was also made available for completion in hard copy. The consultation closed on Tuesday, 03 May 2016.

Both Cambourne and Comberton Village Colleges fully supported the project and presentations were made at both Colleges where our team briefly explained what the Parish Council does and how the results of the consultation would influence parish spending over the next 5 to 10 years.

The young people have had the opportunity to participate in the YP Big One! Cash Prize Draw which was drawn at the Community Fete in September 2016.

  • Residents aged 18 and over

The Cambourne Community-wide Survey Questionnaire went live online for completion Friday, 08 April 2016 and was also made available for completion in hard copy, a copy of which was delivered to each household in Cambourne over the weekend of 9-10 April 2016.

The Questionnaire was initially made available for completion (in hard copy and online) until Sunday, 12 June 2016. Immediately prior to this close date, in discussion with the Parish Chairman, the consultation period was extended by 2½ weeks closed Thursday, 30 June 2016 in order to have every chance of meeting the desired response target.

Residents had the opportunity to participate in the Earlybird Incentive Cash Prize Draw which was drawn on 16 May 2016; and the Big One! Cash Prize Draw which was drawn at the Community Fete held in September 2016.

Publicity & Communication

  • Cambourne Crier

The Crier editorial team have fully supported this community-wide initiative by:

  • providing publishing expertise in the printing of both the Cambourne Community-wide Questionnaire and Young People Questionnaire documents; and
  • making available its distribution team to deliver the hard copy Community-wide Questionnaire to all Cambourne homes.
  • In addition the Crier which is delivered to over 4,000 homes in Cambourne has consistently published cover page articles related to the initiative during the consultation period.
    • Drop In Sessions
  • A number of Drop In Sessions were arranged during the consultation period to allow residents to pop in for advice and/or assistance in completing the Questionnaire(s). The sessions were held at various ‘public’ locations around Cambourne and resourced by committee members.

    • Drop Off Points
    • A number of drop off points were established around Cambourne during the consultation period where residents could deliver their hard copy questionnaire response. Around 300 questionnaire responses have been received via the collection boxes.
      • Website
      • The Parish Plan dedicated website was established prior to the start of the consultation period. The online version of each questionnaire was accessed via the website.
      • Banners and Ground Signs
      • These were installed at strategic locations around Cambourne at sites agreed with the Parish Council. In the main the banners lasted well and additionally withstood the vagaries of the Cambourne weather over the 12 week consultation period.
      • Totaliser Banner
      • A ‘thermometer’ showing the number of households e.g. from zero to 4,000 against available cash prize draw pot of the Big One! Cash Prize Draw is located on the wall next to the Parish Council office entrance on the High Street.
    • Door-knocking Exercise

    Our volunteers have been out each weekend of the consultation period across the various areas of Cambourne. A total of 1,280 homes have been visited - just over 30% of the homes in Cambourne – and spoke with 499 residents. Generally, the volunteers were received well by residents who recalled the Community-wide Questionnaire, either spontaneously or when prompted with the majority committing to complete the survey.

    • Social Media
    • Regular posts to the various Cambourne Facebook Groups were made throughout the consultation period. These posts provided a direct link to the Parish Plan website online survey page.
    • Foam Finger Countdown Campaign

    Over the last four weeks of the consultation period the Big Red and Big Blue foam fingers plus countdown placards were deployed by committee members at the fixed banner locations sited at the A428 and A1198 entrances to Cambourne, usually on a Thursday or Friday afternoon.

    How Did We Do?

    Following the close out of the Consultation period:

    • Cambourne Community-wide Survey – Total Responses

    The Community-wide Questionnaire that was posted to every household in Cambourne was completed by 2,193 individuals

    • Young People Survey – Total Responses

    The Young People Questionnaire was completed by 567 individuals under the age of 18

    • Did we secure a response rate greater than or equal to 51% of households in Cambourne?

    Once we removed the responses submitted from households outside of Cambourne, and the multiple responses per household, we reached a combined total of 2,217.

    As there were 3,975 homes in Cambourne, this equates to 55.8% of households, which is a terrific response rate.

    The Cash Prize Draw(s)

    • The Big One! Cash Prize Draw

    This was based on the number of responses to the Community-wide Questionnaire only.

    Once we had removed a couple of submissions from outside of Cambourne, the total number of responses providing name AND address came to 1,573 which equates to a prize fund of £150.

    The winner was drawn at the Community Fete held in September 2016.

    • The YP Big One! Cash Prize Draw

    This was be based on the number of responses to the Young People Questionnaire only who provided a valid response.

    The winner of the Young People Cash Prize Draw of £100 was drawn at the Community Fete held in September 2016.


    The Parish Plan Steering Committee would like to thank everyone in Cambourne who took the time to complete the community-wide consultation.